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SDSCPA is a unique school with unique needs!  As a strong, passionate community we are charged with supporting a world-class academic and art training curriculum for our students.  Unfortunately, the costs associated with providing a dual curriculum create a gap in our actual funding with the funding needed to fully implement and support our student learning.  The calculated GAP for 2019-2020 is $840 per student per year.  This equates to $70 a month per students. 

Together, our SDSCPA community--parents, staff, and alumni-- we must Fill the Gap with a monthly, unrestricted contribution. With your help,  we will be able to provide quality educational programs in the arts and academics, capital improvements for SDSCPA's unique needs, increased security for after school instruction, and more. A school-wide culture of philanthropy is essential to the success of our students and fulfilling our mission…and together we will be stronger!

Each family is asked to set up a monthly donation that works within their budget, to help us reach our goal of 100% participation! All donations 100% tax-deductible. Join the SDSCPA parents who are already supporting and become a Perennial Patron!  

CLICK HERE to donate today!

The Fill in the Gap Campaign will fund:
  • Campus Safety, Community health & well-being
  • Professional guest teaching artists and scholars
  • Support for academic and arts programming before, during, and after school
  • College and career readiness
  • Community outreach and development
  • Campus and Capital Improvements
  • Friends of SDSCPA Operational Costs not to exceed 10%
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